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Choosing the right wedding decorations helps set the right mood for your big day. You need to make sure that the guests will feel welcome and eager to celebrate this momentous occasion with you. Here are some great wedding decorations ideas you can use to make this day more memorable.

  1. Draped ceilings

A bit of fabric can go a long way in increasing the elegance of the venue. White fabric is used to drape the ceilings for a formal theme. Go for bright colors like yellow if you want to have a fun vibe.wedding decorations

  1. Let there be light

Imagine doing your first dance against a background with a romantic glow. This can be achieved with the use of softly sparkling fairly lights. These can be wrapped on the venue’s beams or draped at the rafters above. You can also cluster them around the fireplace if you are in a country house.

  1. Make an escort card display

Guests normally struggle upon arriving at the reception when they look for the table assigned to them. Instead of having them squint at tiny tented cards, make a wedding decorations table with a bulletin board of the assigned seats and place it at the entrance.

  1. Adjust the height of the flowers

Adjusting the height of the flower arrangement or decorations an effective way to make it more noticeable. This also creates the illusion that the room is wider for those who have limited space. Use slim silver vase with formal finish if the reception is in a country-style house. Tall white birdcages help achieve an English garden style.

wedding decorations ideas


  1. Utilize colored glassware

Instead of spending your whole reception budget on the table centerpiece, why not look for other ways to make the tables more attractive? Renting colored glassware is a great and budget-friendly way to do so.


  1. Chiavari chairs

This type of chair is a must have for those trying to achieve a rustic wedding. This works well in barn venues, with stained, white painted, lime washed, or natural wood finish. Tie some twine and gypsophila to make a whimsical look.

  1. Stacked crates

Another way to create a rustic theme is to stack up mismatched wooden crates. You can fill them with personal items like storybooks, flowers, letters, pictures and signs. YA budget-friendly way to achieve this is to inspect a barn whether it has old crates that can be used.

  1. Paper garlands for photobooth

You don’t need to be lavish in decorating the photo booth. The backdrop can become elegant by just using paper garlands. There are a lot of guides you can find in the internet that are easy to follow on how you can create these adorable garlands. You can also use them to highlight any part of the venue.

  1. Handcrafted menus

Instead of spending big bucks for printing menu cards, utilize calligraphy for reproducing them. Choose a scripting that is suitable to the theme. The traditional copperplate works well with black tie formal while free-hand is more suitable to a chic theme.

  1. Simple wedding decorations cakes

The wedding cake doesn’t need to be extravagant or over-the-top for it to be remembered. Most wedding cakes today are dressed up simply with flowers, ribbons, and a bit of traditional piping.

Consult a Professional to Make a Picture Perfect Wedding Venue

Your wedding day will only happen once. Only the pictures will remain to help remind you of this day. Make sure that you get the best wedding decorations to make every moment picture perfect. You can consult a wedding decorations hire company if needed.

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