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Wedding Photography and Videography

Your wedding day is one of the biggest and most special days of your life. It’s the beginning of your happy ever after. Most plan for their weddings for six months, and some even more.  From the food, the flowers, the location, the bride’s gown, the groom’s suit, the car, and the setup, every detail is meticulously planned. This is because you would want to be able to remember and cherish them after your wedding. After the big event, your wedding photos and videos are all that you have left to help you remember your big day, in all its wonderful glory and details.

Reliving all these in High Definition is a big plus. This makes photography in weddings, as well as videography,  a critical part of your wedding planning.

Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography: Is it a must to get both?

Photography and videography are two different mediums. You might think that hiring both is over the top, but you’ll want to hire both. The day will fly by so fast that details can become blurry in the memory.

Wedding Photoshoot

Your photographer will immortalize important moments of the wedding: the bridal march, the slipping of the ring, the first dance, and the slicing of the cake. Your videographer, on the other hand, will be able to capture the moments in living and moving color, with all the sights and sounds of the celebration captured. Case in point: it can capture the emotions of the exchange of vows, the giving of the toasts, and the laughter and joys of the day.

Why should you hire a Professional Photographer and Videographer?

You might be tempted to hire a photography student or let a photography enthusiast friend do the work. However, weddings are fast paced events. Only someone who has worked with weddings can capture key moments at the right time and from the right angle, despite the hustle and bustle of the day. There will be no second chances in taking that perfect shot for your wedding photos. So why risk it?

Should you hire a Photographer and Videographer from the same company?

Wedding photographers and videographers may sometimes clash on your wedding day. Both will be vying for the best angles and sharing the same limited time. Hiring them from the same company will give you assurance that both photography and videography teams are well coordinated. They can produce an album of amazing photos and a matching video. You are also likely to get discounts in getting photo and video packages.

However, hiring them from the same company also has its cons. If there is failure on the side of the company, it can leave you with no images and videos at all. Ask for contingencies and back-up plans. Check also their track record and portfolio to check the quality of their work.

Choosing to get the two services from different vendors give you more control over their output. You can choose the best photographer that you can find, and the best videographer in your area. Without the package deal, it can be more expensive. However, you can expect to get premium results from each provider. Just make sure that they have no history of bad blood in previous weddings. In the end, this decision will be based on your requirement, priorities, and your budget.

What are the things that you should discuss with your Photography and Videography teams?

Once you have found the perfect photographer and videographer to record your wonderful wedding memories, you would want to set a meeting and discussion with both. Confirm with them the date and location for your wedding. Ask for a detailed and itemized list of all the costs that come with their services. Make sure that the following details are indicated in your contract:

• Date/s of the wedding and other pre wedding photoshoots
• The time that they should be on-site
• Location of the wedding
• Amount of time they will spend in covering the event
• Number of photos that will be taken and printed on the wedding photoshoot
• The hours of the video taken from the wedding day
• Number of additional prints that are allowed, if any
• Enlargements of selected photos, if included
• Included wedding photos album
• Included wedding photos frame
• The final products that will be given to the couple

Remember to go over every available option and add-ons with your service provider before signing your contract. For example, you can ask for printed copies of wedding photos of guests which you can give to selected guests as souvenirs, or copies of your pre wedding photos invitations.

Getting Married in Spain soon? Get your wedding photography and videography right!

Planning and research will play an important role in your wedding preparation. Research for professional photographers and videographers the area. Ask for recommendations from friends and relatives who recently just got married.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography in Spain is a rich and diverse industry, with many talented providers to choose from. Do not be afraid to ask service providers specific questions and for their credentials. Money matters aside, your wedding photos and videos will be the wedding mementos you have that will let you relive that happy day with your spouse and your children.

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