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Discover the Costa del Sol

We have established an extensive network of contacts with local venues.

From Spanish hideaways, to five star luxury hotels, retreats and palaces we will find your ideal venue. We have exclusive offers and discounts available. This is part of our wedding planning service and packages.

Click on any of the location tabs and have a look through just a small selection of venues we have.

Wedding Venues

Marbella is fun, sun, fashion and passion. Its weddings venues are spectacular and only matched by its incredible service. Come explore what is possible at your incredible Marbella Spain overseas wedding.

Wedding Venues

Estepona has luxury locations and large hotel accommodations that are perfect for large parties that are accustomed to style. Enjoy wide beaches and endless views of the north of Africa and Spanish coastline.

Wedding Venues

San Pedro de Alcantara is a wonderful location that surrounds the sparkling and high roller area of Puerto Banus. Enjoy Spanish heritage and modern luxury as we take you to some of the best wedding venues on the coast.

Wedding Venues

World class golf courses, villas, yachts, and amazing nature that just beam with photographic brilliance for any bride and groom. Come and discover what this unique corner of Spain can provide for your dream occasion.

Wedding Venues

Malaga is impressive city by any standards and with its majestic cathedral and modernized port you can´t go wrong in planning your dream wedding in one of it’s hidden treasures. Discover what this beautiful city has to offer with us!

Wedding Venues

Mijas is the largest county in the area and offers incredible mountain views, amazing villas, international five star golf courses, and spectacular seaside beach venues. It is a hidden gem that will give a truly Spanish wedding experience.

Wedding Venues

Spain is not just endless beaches and inspiring coastlines, its interior offers truly incredible wedding venues that are ripe with history and prestige. Imagine a monastery found by the Templar knights or a botanical garden…

Wedding Venues

Tarifa, with its endless beaches and Moorish old town, is a superb wedding location on the Atlantic ocean with views across to Africa. Discover its natural beauty and majestic wind shaped contours.

VENUES Amazing places to celebrate your day!

We will work with you to find the best location and venue for your dream wedding. We have exclusive villas, gorgeous restaurants, outstanding catering and entertainment, as well seaside hotels. So much to enjoy and explore on the Costa del Sol.

Be sure to hire a qualified and experienced wedding planner 😉

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Our clients are our greatest marketing Special days gone by...

  • We were delighted with how the wedding came together and appreciated Louise's ability to pull together a team to create the look and feel we were going for on our day. She was a great point of interaction with the different suppliers and kept us informed regularly on progress. She went above and beyond to help with pre and post wedding celebrations and was very communicative throughout the whole planning process. Having her there on the day meant we could really just relax and enjoy ourselves!
    Jacinda and Craig, Married on July 7th, 2018 Finca La Conception, Weddings in Spain

  • Hey Lou, now we’re home and finally settling down a bit, we just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for everything on our wedding day! We had a wonderful time (it was a very late or early finish at like 10am, eek!!) and you were a great help to that.
    Claire and Jon, Married on June 30th, 2018 Finca Al Limon, Weddings in Spain

  • We spoke with several wedding planners but worked with only one. We highly recommend Louise Roper and her team. Forward, backwards, inside out and upside down, they know events. Louise is extremely organised, pays attention to detail, and is creative. She made us feel important and helped make our day incredibly special.
    Katherine and James, Married April, 2017 Weddings in Spain

  • Dear Louise, just a little note to say how much we appreciated your help organizing our wedding. Getting married in another country can be difficult but you were always approachable and quick to respond so that we were never left wondering. I would absolutely recommend that people use your services. It has been a pleasure working with you and we truly appreciate everything you have done for us. Thanks again!
    Mary & Ronan, Married June, 2016 Marbella Wedding

  • We had a wonderful, intimate wedding, completely organized by Louise. Thank you for making the planning of our day seamless and stress free. From the gorgeous church to the divine restaurant, our day was so special. Thanks again Louise for all your hard work.
    Stephanie and Shane, Married September, 2017 Estepona Wedding

  • Dearest Louise, where do we start?!?!?! From the first time we started discussing our wedding ...we both knew that we had chosen the perfect wedding planner for us.Your relaxed, fun and enthusiastic style meant that we never got too stressed about anything and your consistent reassurances meant that we knew everything was always under control....exactly the day we had dreamed of. You literally blew us both away with what you achieved for us on the day.
    Mr & Mrs Lawrence Arnold, Married March, 2018 Mijas, Weddings in Spain

  • Louise, thank you so much for ensuring our wedding day was amazing. Sean and I had the best day ever, everything ran perfect from start to finish on our wedding day. We were able to really relax and enjoy every moment with our friends and family. Thanks again!
    Aoife and Sean, Married June, 2018 La Cabane, Marbella Wedding

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