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Thinking of where to celebrate your dream Jewish Wedding? You need a place that can bring your wedding dreams to life. The beautiful Spanish town of Estepona may be the perfect place for you.

The pueblo charm and coastal town character of Estepona, Spain makes it a popular destination for family holidays, romantic adventures, and weddings. It’s popular for many good reasons. Fashionable and culture-loving couples easily fall in love with the traditional ‘old town’ attitude of Estepona and its gorgeous locations.


Choosing Your Jewish Wedding Destination

The perfect wedding destination should make your special day extra special. There are many factors that come into choosing your wedding destination, from the local climate and weather, to the type of wedding location.

Jewish Wedding Destination

  • Sunny destination – No one wants to get married in the rain. Choosing the perfect Jewish wedding destination involves looking for places where the sun loves to shine. Famous for its hot days and its warm climate, Spain is a perfect choice. As a coastal town, Estepona has both the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sea breeze.
  • Traditional to contemporary – Whether you celebrate with traditional rituals or with a more modern ceremony, you can hold the Jewish wedding traditions in a destination wedding without a problem. Estepona can combine the traditional with modern and contemporary amenities.
  • Beach weddings – Most destination weddings take advantage of a great coastline and a beautiful beach. You can have a portion of the beautiful Estepona beach decorated with everything you would want for your dream wedding.

The ideal destination for a Jewish wedding ceremony is one where you’ll feel comfortable celebrating with Jewish wedding songs, dances and rituals.


The Romantic Charm of Estepona Spain

Located near the Sierra Bermeja mountains on the Costa del Sol, Estepona has attracted couples looking for a romantic adventure. Many couples have celebrated Jewish weddings in Estepona and in Spain, enjoying a ceremony that’s uniquely theirs. Estepona has something new to offer every time.

There are a variety of venues suitable for a Jewish wedding and reception in Estepona. The lovely coastal town offers gorgeous beaches and seafront promenades. Any of the many beaches in Estepona can leave a lasting impression on your guests for the wedding. The Old Town hall also has a charm of its own, with white walls and cobbled streets full of personality.

There are numerous high-quality hotels and villas with a direct access to the beach. The hotels may be built with a modern style or with an old Andalusian-style for that elegant, historical feeling.

You and your guests will also have a lot of fun touring the town during your stay. There are a number of available excursions and tours, marina boating activities, art and mural displays, and botanical gardens.


Plan Your Jewish Wedding in Estepona Today

 A great wedding planner can design and arrange your wedding venue to receive up to hundreds of guests, with catering and good facilities. Making the most out of your destination wedding is easy with the right planning team.

With all the details involved in making a Jewish wedding in Estepona happen, you need to have a trustworthy wedding planner. Contact one today!


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