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Are you looking for fantastic winter wedding ideas? A rustic theme is widely popular nowadays. The warmth and coziness brought about by each decoration symbolizes the love you and your husband have for each other. Here are some cozy rustic winter wedding ideas for each aspect of your wedding.

  1. Venue

There are a lot of rustic winter wedding venues to choose from. You only have to make sure that its location will be accessible to your guests. If you want something country and chic, you can go to a ranch with a lawn and mountaintops on the background.

You can also go to a mountain resort or lodge in time for the holidays. The wooden houses, fireplace and hot cocoa being served will be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

  1. Decorations

The decorations you will use for your dinner table are vital in creating the perfect ambiance for the event. Delve away from the usual pretty flowers and try decors that come from trees.

Utilize wood slice placemats, burlap bows, pinecones, evergreen, eucalyptus, holly berry centerpiece, twigs or tree bark. You can also use this for your bridal bouquet and boutonnieres.

  1. Wedding Invitation

Invitations should be simple yet creative so that the guests will feel that they wouldn’t want to miss this event. Rustic winter wedding ideas for invitations usually have elements of nature in their design. Check out the Foil and Laser Cut invitation of Nature’s Gateway. The words will be nicely printed in real foil. It will be inserted inside a laser cut craft paper that has been shaped into trees. It can be sealed using a Sand Jute Cord.

  1. Wedding Cake

A wedding held during the coldest months of the year should be able to warm everyone’s hearts. Some cozy rustic winter wedding ideas include having a white cake with red and brown branches to represent the trees that thrive during winter. You can also use pinecones, twigs, and holley berries for decoration. Use a tree bark to serve as base for your cake to make it stand out. Use a bit of spice for the ingredients of the cake to bring out warmth with every bite.

  1. Outfit of the entourage

Your wedding day should be a warm and welcoming event despite the cold weather. Use neutral shades such as warm taupe paired with cozy colors like camel, brown, beaver and iced coffee. The wedding dress should be made from heavier silk or satin to keep you warm. Cashmere wraps, fur, faux fur and scarves can be added especially if the wedding will be in a ski lodge.

  1. Giveaways

There are awesome wedding favors you can give to your guests during this time of the year. Pine-scented candles are amazing rustic winter wedding ideas. Candles are excellent gifts since they help set a warm and intimate mood during winter. A unique bottle opener like the antler bottle opener by Kate Aspen is also a great choice.


Preparing for a winter wedding might be a bit overwhelming. Make sure that you are clear on the theme you want to achieve. Allot adequate time for preparation so that you’ll be able to pay attention to every small detail. An experienced wedding planner can definitely give you cozy rustic winter wedding ideas. Talk to a specialist today!

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