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Top 5 Wedding mistakes that you must consider

When you and your partner decide to organise your wedding, differences can often occur to reach a joint decision (i.e. unhappiness with the chosen suppliers or venue) and the constant and permanent stress could lead you to a state of frustration.

To avoid all these situations, you must consider the 8 most common wedding mistakes made by brides and grooms during the wedding preparations.

1. Start planning without a budget

If you don’t have good planning and a budget set, all you will end up doing is wasting your money. You don’t want to start your married life with debt problems, do you? You can only prevent it if, from the beginning you set a budget limit for your wedding and assure that this is realistic and adjusted to any eventualities.

2. Late booking

Another mistake is not to leave yourself enough time to book the. Some venues have problems of availability on certain dates, so when you have decided the date, you should book immediately.

3. The wedding dress

Some brides make the mistake of leaving the search for the wedding dress to the last minute. You usually try different dresses before choosing the definitive one and don’t forget that making a wedding dress takes several months, so do not leave it until last  or it may not be ready in time.

4. Involve many people in the organisation

Everything in excess is bad! And this is not an exception. It is well known that you need help but don’t include too many of your friends and relatives in planning and making decisions. Having many different opinions can be counterproductive: it could generate confusion and make it harder to choose any detail.

5. Menu test

Don’t forget to test the menu to detect faults. You must know what type of food you are going to choose, the quantity and quality to avoid misunderstandings.


When you decide to get married there are so many things to prepare that it is probably that you will make some wedding mistakes (and these are just a few). So make sure you take care of the little details that will make your wedding truly unforgettable.


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