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Why celebrate weddings in Spain

Getting married in Spain is becoming very popular among couples from all parts of the world. Weddings in Spain are not only fantastic due to the weather, but there are many other reasons why you should consider saying ‘Yes I do’ in this great country.

Here are several reasons why you should celebrate your wedding in Spain.

Incredible Wedding Weather

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Spain is often the envy of many Europeans, especially the Brits, Germans and Scandinavians.  Every year many of them choose this country as the perfect place to celebrate weddings or other events (hen parties for example). Thanks to Spain’s marvelous climate, you and your guests can enjoy a fantastic outdoor celebration. Doesn’t that sound tempting?

During the summer months the Costa del Sol can receive up 12 hours of sunlight during the day making it an ideal location for wedding ceremonies in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  And with low to moderate humidity levels and gentle breezes that come from the Mediterranean Sea along the coast the hottest temperatures of the day never seem unbearable.

Weather and sunshine not being a factor in the planning of your wedding can be a major plus that opens your ceremony to whole range of opportunities. You can celebrate your ceremony in luxurious and breathe taking, outdoor wedding venues or moonlit Spanish Cortijos as night time temperatures are extremely pleasing as well. There only a few places in the world that can boast the range of options that you have once you decide to get married in Spain.

Here are the temperature averages for the Costa del Sol during the year.



Perfect weather temperatures for a wedding in Spain

Graphic courtesy of  http://www.holiday-weather.com


Unique Wedding Venues 

Whether you prefer beaches or mountains, in Spain and especially here on the Costa del Sol there are so many gorgeous wedding venues that it is certain you will find the perfect place for you.  In addition to taking fantastic wedding photographs that will be the envy of your friends and family for a lifetime, your guests will also be greatly impressed by the scenery. The Costal del Sol with its unique micro-climate, pine covered mountains, rolling sand dunes, and tropical gardens is home to dozens of incredible venue choices. There is literally a place for everyone!

And more importantly, what we hear the most from our clients, is that our hand picked wedding venues provide pleasure and facilities for all the guest no matter their age.  So often wedding venues are only chosen thinking about the bride or the main meal. This means that many guests enjoy the wedding ceremony, but find the wedding venue for the reception or ceremony venue lacking space, services, or flexibility for everyone to enjoy. Whether there are kids or seniors the Costa del Sol’s unique wedding venues provide a wide range of options.

Dozens upon dozens of quality hotels, Spanish cortijos, beach side resorts, historic forts, reformed castles, outdoor pavilions, and private villas have been conditioned to attend to guests of all ages and necessities. Spain and especially Marbella, Benalmaldena, Nerja and all the other wonderful cites you find on the Costa del Sol have more than 60 years of tourism and wedding ceremony experience. The local economy and personnel know how to provide wonderful travel experiences for visitors from around the world.


World Class Wedding Ceremony Gastronomy

Spanish cuisine is renowned for being one of the best in the World. This is due not only to its healthy Mediterranean diet, but also because of the new techniques and styles implemented in Spanish cooking.  We can’t forget that Spain is home to more Michelin-star restaurants than anywhere in the world.  There is no doubt that Spanish food is a guaranteed success for any wedding or event.

Do your guests prefer meat or fish? That always seems to be a typical wedding reception question. Well, in Spain you can chose meat, fish, vegetarian, seafood, etc… and have it all.  Spanish food and Andalusian food is known for variety. Their specialty “tapas” come in wide assortments taking advantage of the rich soil and costal areas that always provide the freshest ingredients. The fruit and vegetables are full of colour and flavour and Spanish soups are second to none in their delightfulness before any meal.

Both our hand picked wedding venues and specialty wedding catering partners can provide the reception and wedding dinner meals that you have been dreaming about.

Here is the famous “jamon serrano” being served with fresh red peppers and country bread. It is a blend of “salty” cured meat and the sweetness of the red peppers.


One of our personal recommendations is “Gazpacho de fresas con gambas”, or translated “chilled tomatoe vegetable pureé with strawberries and shrimp”. This is a wonderful “tapa” is perfect to serve just as your guests are arriving to the wedding reception venue. It is light enough to ensure that they can continue to eat more and enjoy all the courses, but satisfying and surprising to their palette to begin to take them on a wonderful wedding reception experience.


Wonderful gourmet food at your Wedding Ceremony

You can learn more about it here on the Sevilla ABC Newspaper Recipe Blog. Gazpacho con Fresas y Gambas

There is so much variety and the quality of the food makes the occasion that more special. Getting married in Spain is so much more than a ceremony when you and your guests are eating some of the best food of their lives.


Traditional Culture and Rich History

Spain and more importantly, Andalusia is rich in history and traditions. We say many times in Spanish that you can’t throw a stone in Andalusia without hitting something historic. And once you hear traditional Spanish flamenco music you will find yourself clapping along to the rhythums. The Costa del Sol is no exception as there are unique locations where the local people, food, customs, music, and celebrations are moments that will take you and your guests to times of Spain’s Moorish past. Plus there is richness of local talent of dancers, entertainers, guitarist, and signers to make any event a remarkable occassion.

In Spain there are a lot of traditions which you could include in your celebration: for example, flamenco shows or classic Spanish guitar music are amongst the most popular choices. Flamenco music and dancing comes in many varieties and can be easily adapted to your wedding mood that you want to transmit. Many wedding ceremonies like to include two to three dancing girls with a signer a guitarist during the wedding meal. This

You can even have an entire Catholic Mass with traditional Spanish signers and songs called a “boda rociera”. This is where traditional religious and folk songs are sung during each part of the mass. The impact of the chorus and the beauty of their traditional dresses and clothing makes the celebration spectacular.

Thanks to these local customs and traditions, you can surprise your guests and give them a true feeling of the Spanish culture.


Prepared for Visitors

Andalusia is one of the most visited places in the world. Annually over 10 billion euros are spent on vacations and trips to Andalusia. This in not only because of the wonderful sunshine and historical sites in Spain, but because the Spanish people have made emmense investments in their facitlities, infrastructure, hotels, restuarants, and workers. Over the last 60 years Andalusia and Spain have continually improved their offer to tourists and visitors. And now more than ever the Costal del Sol is an optimal location for Wedding Celebrations.

The Costa del Sol has taken special steps to support and aid businesses that offer services to hold ceremonies and weddings. Local officials have made it easier than ever to handle the paperwork, legalities, and certification for newlyweds from all over the world that want to get married in Spain. International flights are highly economical and local transportation offers a large variety of options and budgets. With all of this it is hard not to see how Spain could be a perfect place for your wedding.

Spain is a secure and friendly country that is rich in its own traditions, gastronomy, and work ethic in providing world class holiday experiences to over 60 million visitors each year.


Spain is ready for your Wedding

We know that there are many more reasons that reaffirm Spain as the perfect place for getting married, and we would like you to share them with us.

Tell us why you think someone should celebrate their wedding in Spain by using the comments area below or share this article on Facebook, Instagram , or Twitter.

Or even better, have you been lucky enough to have celebrated your wedding in Spain? Tell us about your experience!




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