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6 Wedding day details not to miss

When you think about getting married, the first thing that comes to your mind is where you are going to celebrate your wedding, which venue you’ll choose, which wedding dress you are going to wear or who your guests will be. However, there are so obvious wedding details that have most probably been forgotten. But don’t worry, here we are to help you, so take a paper and a pencil and note this down.

1. Clothing for hair and makeup session

Make sure you wear a t-shirt or top that can be fastened and unfastened from the front or that you can easily put on and take off without damaging a single detail of the work done by the hairdresser or the stylist.  It will also allow you to be comfortable and relaxed during the wedding preparation.

2. A bag for the wedding night

You should put in your travel bag, special clothing (or even some sexy lingerie!), for your wedding night and clean clothes for the next day to wear. Also, you could take a suit bag or carrier to save the wedding dress and groom’s suit.

3. A purse

In case that after the celebration you continue the party somewhere else, it would be very useful to have a purse in which you can take your documentation, keys, money and your mobile. During the day there is no problem because you can leave all these items to someone you trust.

4. Replacement Shoes

Imagine that one of your heels is broken, what would you do? If you have another pair of shoes, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. Moreover, if you feel tired and your shoes hurt you, you can change them and continue dancing all day and all night.

5. A contact person

It is very important that there is a point person in charged of solving all the issues that may arise, someone like a wedding planner or a person whom you trust.  This person will be the intermediary with your suppliers, so they are not constantly hassling you throughout the day, leaving you to focus on enjoying your wedding.

6. Copies of the speeches or notes

On our wedding day, we are so nervous that it is not uncommon that we forget our speech. For this reason, you should have multiple copies of it and you could even give one of the copies to a reliable person to look after for you.


If you take into account all these key points for your wedding day, you shouldn’t be as nervous because everything will go right.


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