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If you are thinking about getting married, surely you already know that wedding decorations are one of the most important features to make your ceremony unforgettable. The decoration of your wedding is the first impression that your guests will have of your special day so it is essential to take care of every little detail.

So, dear future bride: it is likely that you have included many ideas in your wedding decoration list, but it is impossible to carry out all of them, therefore, you must choose the ones you like most. As we would like to help you select the most impressive, here some ideas for your wedding decoration:

Giant illuminated letters

These giant illuminated letters will certainly put a smile on your guests’ face. They are wonderful and among all the available options, you can put your initials or the word LOVE.

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A collection of different bottles is a great way of impacting your guests. Moreover, they can go with your wedding theme and you can combine the colours chosen for the linens and flowers.

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Source: Vintage and chic love

Wedding Service Spain Wedding Planner Wedding Accessories

Photography: White Daisy Photography


Using lace within decoration always has a very romantic and distinguished feel. Lace is also very easy to include in any detail. A wide lace strip can be placed as a tablecloth or you can use it to tie bouquets or round a napkin with a sprig of lavender.

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Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs


Candles and Tealights

The truth is that few things are more romantic than a wedding decorated with candles to illuminate the atmosphere. If you’re lucky enough to get married outdoors, you can decorate the area with lots of scattered tealights, which will provide a dim light and produces a very romantic ambiance.  You can also hang in jars, place in decorative stands or make patterns out of them.

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Wedding Service Spain Wedding Planner Wedding Accessories

Photographer: A Day of Bliss Photography Inc

Ice creams, pop corns, sweets or hot dogs carts

This idea is based on the old vending carts that we saw daily some decades ago. There, you could find sweets, ice creams, hot dogs, etc. For this reason, having one of these carts at your wedding will make your decoration not only special but also it will provide added value to your guests.

Carts are a great way to have a self-service area where your wedding guests can take care of themselves and give the wedding service staff some extra ability to attend the ceremony.

Another great benefit of carts is that they are wonderful converstion starters. Many times wedding guests are friends, family, and co-workers that come from all the world and don’t know each other. A popcorn cart or an ice cream booth helps people interact. The act of getting your own pop corn to nibble on often leads to offering pop corn to the next person closest to you. People love an opportunity to share especially when they are getting to know someone.

In our experience we often recommend a self-service cart when the bride’s and the groom’s guest don’t know each that well or have never met before. It gives them a chance to “do” something instead of just waiting to be served or for the next event to take place.

It is also a marvelous way for children at wedding party to be active and contribute without causing greater problems. Older kids love to take younger kids to the carts and see all the variety. They really enjoy getting ice cream boats or pop corn bags for older wedding guests and bring it back to them.

Your cart should be decorated to call attention to it and be simple enough that guests of all ages can understand its purpose. It should have a good deal of variety so that people take time to choose what the like. That is why pop corn, candies and sweets, cheese samplers, and hot dog stands make great options. Try to stay from more complicated stands that require wait staff or will need constant re-stocking.

We have found these carts, which look marvelous!


Wedding Service Spain Wedding Planner Wedding Accessories

source: Esther Conde

Wedding Service Spain Wedding Planner Wedding Accessories

Source: Evento Click

Wedding Service Spain Wedding Planner Wedding Accessories

Source: Pen n’ paperflowers


Pennants and pompoms for weddings

Pennants are very versatile and create an instant visual effect of celebration and joy. They are a perfect acccent to wedding celebrations. There are many styles: one colour or many different, cloth or paper, vintage, floral patterns…

Regarding pompoms, if you put them in different places, the area will be full of colour and happiness. It is ideal for defining certain zones such as the cocktail area or dance floor in a visual way. They area perfect for hanging in tents.


Wedding Service Spain Wedding Planner Wedding Accessories

Source: disok.com

Wedding Service Spain Wedding Planner Wedding Accessories

Source: Obsequios y Detalles


After seeing all these gorgeous ideas for wedding decorating, wouldn’t you like to get married right now?

Which wedding decoration ideas do you like? Have you seen other ideas for decorating at weddings that is inspiring?

Share them with us on our Instagram or Pinterest page.




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