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How to Have a Small Intimate Wedding

Small intimate weddings are now becoming more popular. This is due to the fact that wedding packages nowadays are quite expensive. Relatives that need to travel from afar also play a big factor.

Having a small wedding doesn’t necessarily mean that it wouldn’t look as glamorous as a wedding held in a bigger venue. Here are some tips to make it look and feel more special.

1. Research intimate wedding packages abroad

Since you now have a fewer set of schedules to consider, you now have the opportunity to look for unique intimate wedding venues. Why not have a dinner party at a sea side restaurant on the Spanish coast? You can also choose an offbeat but quaint venue like in the middle of the woods or an art gallery.

Check out this intimate boutique inland wedding venue

Inland Boutique Hotel Wedding Venue

2. Create a set of rules and stick with them

This piece of advice is particularly useful when you are preparing your guest list. Prepare a List A and B. List A consists of the names of the people who will receive the 1st round of invitations. List B consists of the people who will receive the 2nd round invites once you think that the number of guests who confirmed aren’t yet enough.

3. Play around with the seating arrangements

Having a small guest list gives you free reign to design creative seating arrangements in an intimate wedding venue. Make sure that your loved ones get a good view of your face by arranging them in a semi-circle during the wedding rites. This feat is impossible to achieve in a wedding that has 300 guests.

Try using the WeddingWire Seating Chart Online Tool to help you with your seating arrangements.

Intimate wedding venue seating chart online tool

Your WeddingWire Seating Chart automatically syncs with your Guest List so all you have to do is drag and drop guests into their seats!

intimate wedding venue seating chart tool - marbella wedding planner

You can find us on the WeddingWire.com at WSS Wedding Planners – Marbella Wedding Planners

4. Make things more casual

Weddings with a casual theme help your guests feel more comfortable. It’s easier for them to interact and be close to one another. Forego classy and elegant themes like ivy or lace. It will make it easier for your guests to find an attire. You also get to save in spending for decorations that will only be used once.

5. Get a unique source of entertainment

Big weddings usually hire a DJ or cover band as a source of lively music for you and your guests to dance to. In an intimate wedding abroad you can be pickier in your source of entertainment. If your guests are not the dancing type, you can get a jazz band or guitarist to play background music during your wedding reception.

6. Take a group picture with ALL of your guests

If you have less than 100 guests, taking a group picture with all of them in it should be part of your to-do list. Since you have carefully selected your guests, the presence of each person in that picture will matter to you. You’ll definitely enjoy looking at these pictures several years down the road.


Always remember that marriage is more important than the intimate wedding venue

People often make the mistake of focusing their efforts and resources in preparing for their wedding day. They tend to forget that the married life is waiting ahead of them. The responsibilities that come along with it require bigger preparation.

On the wedding day itself, what matters is that you are able to officially start a new journey in the presence of your loved ones. This is why intimate weddings are highly in demand nowadays. Consult a qualified wedding planner and discover the possibilities of your special day.



    Hi myself and my partner Jason are hoping to marry may 2021. We are currently in contact with la cala resort which we absolutely love. We are hoping to have a small intimate wedding of around 40 guests and 5 children. Our budget is about 6000-7000 for everything . Is there anything you can show me . Thank you

    • AVATAR

      Hello Katie — Congratulations ;)) La Cala Resort is a wonderful place. We have many similar options. Please fill out our web form and we will get in touch with you directly.

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