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A lot of women have dream about being married in a beach setting. Nothing feels more romantic and relaxing than to wear beach wedding dresses, feeling the sand on your feet and savoring the beauty of the sunset with the people you love. Below are some great beach wedding ideas for decorations and accents you might want to try.

1. Set the mood with creative beach wedding invitations

The secret to a great beach wedding invitation is to set the relaxed mood that you’re aiming for your wedding. Include swathes of blue or a star fish as a seal. Make sure that it is executed well.

2. Old surfboard as a ceremony sign

What better represents the waves of the sea than a surfboard? This will symbolize how much you love riding the waves together. Unfortunately, surfboards are quite expensive. You can just get an old piece and restore it a bit so that it will look good in pictures.

get married at the beach

3. Get lanterns to improve lighting

If you wish to have a sense of warmth and amber glow during reception, purchase lanterns that you can place around the area. The effect is stunning, especially if the sun has already set. If you’re not a fan of lanterns, you can also utilize string lights to achieve the same effect.

4. Candles wrapped in rope

Candles have always been a part of weddings. They only differ on how you use them on your venue and chosen theme. These items will work well in a beach setting by using ropes as candle holder. This may be part of your reception table or given as beach wedding favors.

5. Shell-covered accents

Using big letters to spell out “LOVE” or the initials of the couple is very commonly used in beach wedding themes nowadays. You can still improve its plain design by filling it with seashells. You can place this at the cake table or in the bar.

6. Flowy fabric as backdrop

The wind that you feel in the area isn’t just there to keep you and your guests cool. You can use it to your advantage by using flowy fabric as backdrop instead of wooden pieces. Choose a design that elevates the mood like sunny fabric.

7. Hydrangea and driftwood for a wedding arch

Take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and waterfront setting. You can line the aisle with seashells or flowers to create a whimsical vibe. Elevate the look of a beachy driftwood structure by adorning it with textured greenery and fluffy hydrangeas.

Beach Wedding

8. Wooden walkway

Are you not keen on walking on the sand? You can choose to get a wooden walkway with your initials printed on it. The effect will be stunning when paired with the driftwood wedding arch mentioned above.

9. Dual-purpose fans

The temperature of the venue can get quite hot depending on your chosen time. Providing fans is always a must to help the guests remain comfortable. Tie a colored ribbon at the handle to add some color. Hang them at the chairs so that they can also serve as decorations.

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Create a Stunning Beach Wedding with the Right Decorations and Accents

Choosing to get married at the beach is like winning the wedding venue lottery. You get a picturesque view while you hear the waves crashing nearby. Even though the beach is already gorgeous to look at, you can still accentuate its beauty by getting the right decorations and accents. This might be quite challenging, but with the right people behind you, you’ll surely pull it off. Call a trusted wedding planner today!


Louise Roper

After completing a course in Hotel and Catering Management at University I decided to travel the world where I learnt to speak Spanish. I then spent several years working in the UK organizing large corporate events and weddings. My love of Spain and all things Spanish eventually brought me back to the Costa del Sol where I came to settle in 2003. After getting married in Marbella and raising my son, I eventually went back to the industry I know and love…Wedding Planning.
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