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Top Tips for Creating a Picture Perfect Wedding

Pictures are worth a thousand words and wedding photos are so important as they give you a permanent reminder of one of the happiest days of your life. When you’ve spent so long choosing the dress and making yourself beautiful, the images must be great quality and capture the spirit of the day, as well as have the classic group shots.

Because we know that great pictures don’t happen by chance, here are our tips to creating a stunning wedding that will look its best in the pictures and having the right team to get the perfect pictures –

  1. Invest in an excellent wedding photographer – Not all photographers are equal, so if you want great pictures, you need a great photographer. Not only do they need to be skilled at photography, make sure you choose someone who has a style that you connect with, whether that’s glossy and stylised, natural reportage style, or fun and quirky, check their portfolios and make sure you’re clear they fit with what you want.
  2. Choose a stunning location and venue – In our opinion there’s nothing better than amazing light, blue skies, sparkling sea and sand to make an amazing backdrop for a wedding. The Costa del Sol is famous for its quality of light and the options for having your wedding right on the beach or with sea views are incredible. We are also lucky that we have a very large selection of wedding venues which have loads of different areas for photo opportunities, whether that be around the pool, in a courtyard, lush garden or in the waves, so you have a lot of opportunities to get the perfect shot.
  3. Dress your set – Think of your wedding venue like a movie set and make sure it is dressed properly with accessories and lighting to really bring out the magic. Flowers, candles, fairy lights and personal touches such as photos incorporated into the design make your wedding unique and give so many interesting and beautiful elements to come out in your photography.
  4. Use your guests – Now that everyone has phones with cameras, ask your guests to take pictures and share them on a dedicated Facebook page or Instagram account for candid shots from the day and moments you may have missed. Also consider setting up a fun photo booth area where guests can pose with props and have a laugh creating some brilliant images. Make sure you give them instructions where to share those images, or instruct your photographer to keep an eye out.
  5. Practice your Photo Face – This sounds a bit silly, but if you don’t feel natural in front of the camera, or have a tendency to pull funny faces or have your eyes closed, then practice posing for the camera until you get something you like and can repeat on demand. How do you think the celebrities always look so great in photos? Trust me, they don’t leave it up to chance!

I am passionate about creating picture perfect weddings for my brides and love spending time with couples to create a beautiful colour scheme and dress the venue with flowers and accessories so it looks a million dollars. Having worked as a wedding planner in Spain for years, I have some really good tricks for making a statement without spending a fortune and can advise you where you need to spend the money and what you can leave out but still have a great result.

We have a selection of fantastic wedding photographers based in Spain with different styles and prices and we can help you find the right one for you.

Contact us today and let us create a stunning wedding which will shine on the day and create perfect photos too.


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