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Marbella wedding entertainment

We get asked all the time about Marbella wedding entertainment. And not just for the adults. Of course weddings are all about bringing together family and friends to celebrate your special day and the love you have for each other. That means that you normally have a wide range of ages to cater for and children can be particularly tricky to handle. If you have kids of your own, trying to keep them away from Mummy and her lovely dress can be a headache and then it’s a long day for them to manage.

As a Mum myself, I know how important it is to make it a wonderful day for everyone and you can with a little forward planning and especially for Marbella wedding entertainment (which gets booked very early!).

Here are a few ideas for making it fun for the kids and less stressful for you.

  1. Choose a hotel with a kids’ club – Having a kids’ club already within the hotel can be a God send whilst you’re having your hair done, doing run-throughs and making final arrangements, as the little ones will want to go and play and it often means that there are play areas and family friendly activities within the hotel too.
  2. Provide a rest area for the little ones – It’s a long day and kids need to be on form, so let them have a safe place where they can escape, watch some TV or have a nap throughout the day, it will make everyone a lot happier for the most important times of the wedding.
  3. Involve them – There’s nothing worse than just hanging around bored and kids like to feel important, so why not give them something to do. Can they help by collecting pretty shells or flowers for the table, helping to lay the table or even choosing some music for the DJ? They will feel more involved and behave better as a result. It’s also a good idea to involve the older kids and ask them to be in charge of the younger ones, as you can relax more knowing there’s someone responsible for the kids and give the teens a purpose – just don’t expect too much of them as you want them to enjoy it too.
  4. Prepare some kids’ goodie bags – You give your guest wedding favours, so why not think about a goodie bag for the kids? You can put colouring books and pens in there, balloons, bubble mixture and some things they will like to play with like little cars or animals.
  5. Get crafty – Why don’t you ask them to make you a special picture to remember the day by? You can set up a little arts and craft area for the kids where they can create amazing momentos for you and it will keep them busy when parents are having the welcome drinks or eating dinner.
  6. Consider getting a child minder – Employing one child minder to help with the kids throughout the evening can really take a lot off your mind, let the guests enjoy themselves more and make it a brilliant night for the kids’ too and if you have a hotel room they can use, then the little ones can even sleep in there whilst the party goes on.

Getting married in Spain is great if you have lots of kids involved as the Spanish love children and everyone really goes out of their way to make them happy. There is some excellent self-catering accommodation which is popular with families and as long as you plan the wedding during the school holidays, your guests can combine your wedding with a family holiday too. Let us know if you want any help with recommendations for family friendly wedding venues or more great ideas for making your special day wonderful for guests of all ages – we’re here to help!


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