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You can ask any wedding planner about the challenges they face in their job and they will surely tell you that knowing how to entertain kids at weddings is one of them. A lot of couples who are trying to come up with wedding ideas will be concerned about the kids getting bored or will end up creating a riot during the event.

Keep yourselves from getting stressed out on the big day!Here are some suggestions on how to organise a kid’s friendly wedding:

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Seek the services of a professional.

A wedding in Spain usually has a performer to energies the guests in between parts of the program. Why don’t you get a professional performer that has the right set of skills to entertain kids at wedding?

You may want to consider hiring clowns, bag pipers, comedians, impersonators, storytellers or ventriloquists. With this type of performers, both and adults and kids will surely enjoy the rest of the day. Companies that specialize in party planning will be able to recommend an entertainer for your wedding day.

Create an area for sporty activities.

Children are restless. They can’t stand sitting in one place for a long period of time. If you expect to have active children in your guest list, a sports area just might be the trick.

Ask your wedding planner to rent sports equipment like air hockey, basketball, hula hoops, ping-pong tables and jump ropes. If your wedding will be held in an exclusive club or hotel, these equipment will definitely be available.

Set-up a craft room.

Nothing can entertain kids at wedding better than a craft room. You can organise a coloring contest that gives away prizes for the most artistic drawings. Provide colorful beads that the girls can combine together to create necklaces or bracelets which they can take home.

You can also get colored sand, plastic jars, and spoons that they can use to make sand art. These wedding ideas will take their mind off the program. It will prevent them from causing any trouble.

Create a mini theatre in the venue.

Are you having a hard time to book a professional performer for your wedding in Spain? You can still make a kids friendly wedding by setting up a mini theatre at the venue where they can watch their favorite movies. Place bean bags and cushions for comfort. Distribute popcorn during the movie and you’re good to go. This can also be turned into a napping area once the kids get tired from all the activities you have prepared.

Hire a good DJ.

Kids love dancing as much as you do. Consider hiring a good DJ that can come up with songs that will cater to both kids and adults. You can also get a team of dance instructors that will lead the whole group to some dance moves.

Wedding Service Spain

Do you feel that a wedding in Spain with kids as guests will be a daunting task? The wedding ideas fora kid’s friendly wedding are endless. Just be sure that you are working with a wedding planner that truly understands the needs of your little ones.


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