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2015 Wedding Trends that you must know

If you think that you have seen the nicest wedding trends and accessories in 2014, just wait to discover what will be trendy next year. From flowers to colours, we offer a list of top trends that you must know if you are thinking about getting married in 2015.


Rustic food is still a great wedding trend. However, if you want to make a difference, you can offer a mix of food from different parts of the world: sushi, dim sum, Ethiopian, Moroccan or Indian. In this way, you will most certainly surprise your guests.


Lighting is one of the most important factors to create the perfect atmosphere. Next year, brides will have a preference for soft romantic sparkle and fairy lights or pin-spot lighting.


Classic designs and flavours are never out of style, but we will also pick up different influences from other cultures (i.e. crepes, croquembouches or macaroons from France). In addition, mixed shaped tiers, cakes with a metallic sheen, floral designs, unique flavoured or ‘naked’ cakes are other trends for next year.


If there was a time that gold and silver were trendy, currently copper is occupying the top position. From centrepieces to invitation fonts, thanks to this colour you can create an ultra glam mood.

Engagement ring

Yellow and rose gold are coming back into engagement ring shops and it is a wedding trend again. These colours usually combine better with your skin tone, so if you get married next year, then all the better!

Bridal dress

Undoubtedly next year wedding dresses will feature off-the-shoulder tops. With this kind of dress, you will look romantic and even bohemian. You can see some variations from one-shoulder to draped sleeves on both sides.

This is the perfect option for those brides who want a sleeve but don’t want to look to covered-up.


Celebrity weddings–as Kim Kardashian’s–have inspired the “romantic luxe” trend. It consists of an abundance of flowers, grand and centre stage choosing romantic blooms like hydrangea, hyacinths and orchids.


After knowing all theses trends that are coming next year, does this not make you want to get married even more?

What trends are you seeing? We would love to hear from you.




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