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Having a summer wedding in Spain is one of the trends in the wedding business these days. The sights, the incredible venue, and the weather all contribute to reasons why Spain is the best wedding destination for couples dreaming of Spanish wedding 2017.

Of course, a perfect wedding demands a carefully considered and planned set-up. Apart from thinking about wedding décor, an appropriate wedding playlist, and an overall theme, having a well-thought-out lighting is extremely important. Nowadays, people do not make enough fuss about wedding lighting. Here, we discuss the importance of wedding lighting and why people should pay more attention to it.

Why Wedding Lighting is Essential

Lighting is definitely not one of the first things that would come to mind when it comes to wedding planning. In fact, some people do not even bother with dealing with planning the lighting at all. They just utilize the lighting that comes with the venue, and focus more on the wedding theme and décor.

This particular oversight can lead to the possible mediocrity of a wedding. It is important to note that what separates a good wedding set-up from an incredible one is the atmosphere of the wedding. Upon entering the venue, people must feel as if they are going into a place where intimacy and love thrive. A dim to dark lighting or an extremely bright lighting will definitely hinder that experience.

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Light Up Your Wedding with Love

When it comes to setting the mood, a good combination of wedding fixtures and décor, sound, and lighting all contribute to an elevated wedding experience. Lighting is more than just an aesthetic addition to your wedding theme. It also controls the ambiance, the aura, and the energy of the room. It does not matter if your wedding is an indoor wedding or an outdoor event. Planning the perfect lighting will enhance the presentation of the venue and improve the overall mood of one of the most important days of your life.

Good lighting design is also needed if you want to have iconic and monumental photos for your wedding. Photographers do have their own lighting when they shoot weddings, but they get delighted when presented with an opportunity to include lighting elements in their shots. Photographers use wedding lighting to emphasize or focus on particular wedding elements. They also include lighting elements in order to add impact in a shot and catch the intimacy of the interactions within the wedding experience.

Wedding Lighting Styles and Designs

There are various styles and designs when it comes to wedding lighting. Each style has its own particular function, and combining several lighting elements can transform the mood and ambiance of any wedding theme. Here are some wedding lighting designs that you could use:

  •  Uplighting

Uplighting is perhaps one of the most used wedding lighting design nowadays. Uplighting is done by putting the lighting fixture beside a wall, a column, or any other unique architectural feature in the room. The light will be projected upwards, which sets an intimate, romantic, and even a dramatic mood in the room. Of course, when using uplighting, it is important to note that the color of the light should complement the wedding theme and palette.

  • Pin spot

Weddings have certain centerpieces that serve as the main focus of the design. These centerpieces can be the wedding cake, the confection table, or even other architectural features of the venue. No matter what these are, these elements would not be highlighted without a smart and strategic lighting design. This is where the pin spot lighting design comes in. The pin spot is basically like a little spotlight that emphasizes the importance of these wedding centerpieces. It directs the attention of your guests away from other wedding elements, and points them straight to the centerpieces.

  • Gobo

To make your wedding extra special, a bit of personalization in the wedding elements should be done. A gobo makes that personalization process possible. It is a physical stencil that is placed within or in front a light source. It controls the design or shape of the light being emitted, giving you the freedom to do with it as you like. You can use it to project your wedding monogram, or even design the dance floor of your reception.

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