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Why Andalucia Wedding Has Become so Popular?

Andalucia weddings have everything from exotic locations to perfect weather for a dream wedding. Marriage is one of the most known common factors in the all the cultures and religions. No matter where you live in the world, marriage is deeply infused in your society. If you want a very romantic and memorable wedding ceremony, there is no other place like Andalucia in Spain to tie your nuptial knot. 

There are many places to get married these days from the local town hall to a underwater sea park, but more and more savvy people are choosing to get married in Andalucía, Spain.  As long time residence of this area we can understand completely and are thrilled that Andalucia Weddings are getting the attention they deserve. Here in southern Spain there are so many advantages to married here almost every month of the year as the 300+ days of sunshine across this historical land provides some of the best venues, catering, gastronomy, entertainment, hotels, and pricing in the world.

Here are the reasons why we think that Andalucían Weddings have become so popular in the last few years.


Reason #1  – Reliable wedding weather

What do you fear the most on your wedding? Well, for me, it’s the rain. Imagine if your guests are coming all wet to your reception. That would certainly ruin your wedding day. It is a kind of wedding which I, for sure, don’t want.

However, this is not the case for Andalucía. Virtually free from rain during June and September, Andalucía, with its glorious settings and beautiful landscape, is a paradise for all those who want to have their wedding take place in an exotic location. It is not just beautiful weather and sunshine in Andalucia that attracts couples to marry here but different kinds of settings and an almost fairy tale honeymoon that awaits them after the marriage.

Statistically there are 300+ days of sunshine with average temperatures of 26C in the Andalucían province of Málaga. This is one of the best places in the world to get married at any time of the year as the climate is moderate with low humidity. Plus Málaga often experiences a second summer in the fall and early winter providing days full of sunshine and warm temperatures where you can find tourist and locals enjoying the beach or a outdoor restaurant.  This has led to coining the phrase in our business called “reliable Wedding weather“.


Reason #2 – More couples are getting married overseas

More and more UK and Irish couples area seeing the advantages of getting married abroad as the costs and issues of hometown wedding continually increase. According to ABTA, the UK’s largest travel association, representing travel agents and tour operators that sell £32 billion of holidays and other travel arrangements each year.

ABTA has revealed that over 1.5 million people are planning to travel abroad to a wedding this year either as a guest or as part of a wedding party¹. The vast majority of these are under-35 year olds – over 850,000 younger people are expected to head abroad to celebrate a wedding this year. – Read More…

This being the case when they want an overseas wedding it makes sense to head south and head close by. Given the location of Spain and Andalucia it is a natural choice for brides across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Many brides and grooms are very familiar with all the wonders that Spain has to offer from their school days and family holidays.  Unlike Italy, Greece, and Cyprus it is very easy to get to Spain to see wedding venues, wedding planners, possible restaurants, and catering companies within the same day for a few quid.

We met both brides and grooms here in Andalucia as well as our regular trips to the UK and Ireland. Planning an Andalucia Wedding is easy and fun to do. This trend is growing and one we hope to enjoy for many years to come.

Reason #3 – Andalucia Weddings can be considerably cheaper

The cost of weddings and wedding arrangements seems to rise each year in the United Kingdom. Dress makers, photographers, caterers, etc… all have additional expenses and margins to cover. This is not the case in Spain and Andalucia where the economy is just beginning to recover from the global economic crisis. Prices and services are much more reasonable and often provide greater quality, especially when it comes venues and food, the two major parts of any wedding celebration.

Weddings abroad have increased in popularity in recent years² with couples keen to combine their wedding and honeymoon, looking for something a bit different and seeking more reliable weather. Cost is also a major factor in the increase in weddings abroad which tend to be much cheaper than in the UK; the average cost of a wedding abroad is reported to be £7,000-8,000³ compared to over £20,0004 in the UK. – Read More…

Many people believe in the beginning that a wedding in Andalucia would not be possible due to the cost to get everyone there, but that is not that case in almost any situation. Given the proper time and taking advantage of all the travel options that available with low cost and package travel deals the cost of transportation is very manageable.

andalucia wedding in cabopino costa del sol wedding service spain photo

Andalicia Wedding at Cabopino, Marbella Night time harbor by montuno

Another big item that brides believe will make their overseas wedding impossible is the cost of a proper wedding venue. Andalucia in the areas of Marbella, Mijas, Torremolinos, Estepona, and Benamaldena offer a wide range of wedding venues to meet anyone’s budget requirements. Plus the standard of the wedding venues area top notch as the Costa del Sol region is a international tourist destination that attracts over 20 million tourists each year.

We like to work with our brides and grooms based on their budgets and show them that their dream Andalucia wedding is more than possible with lots of extras.  After years of services wonderful couples and making their dream oversea wedding come true we know that we have just the right venue and services for any client.


Reason #4 – Andalucia has everything…

A rich history of hospitality

Beyond the reliable weather Andalucia is land that has been open to travelers and tourists for well over a thousand years. Even back in the days of the 1st millennium under Moorish rule Andalucia was a land that invited travelers to come and enjoy their hospitality and natural riches.  Islamic Spain has been hailed for its ”convivencia” — its spirit of tolerance in which Jews, Christians and Muslims, created a pre-modern renaissance. Córdoba, in the 10th century, was a center of commerce and scholarship. Arabic was a conduit between classical knowledge and nascent Western science and philosophy.

But perhaps the most unique feature of this enchanting region are the remnants of its Moorish past. The Moors were a mixture of Berbers and Arabs who crossed into Spain from North Africa by the Straits of Gibraltar and occupied the peninsula – which they called al Andalus – for more than seven centuries, dating from 710 when they first landed in Tarifa. – Read More…

This rich history of hospitality and tolerance has carried on to today where people from all parts of the world and walks of life can be found enjoying all that Andalucia has to offer.  Weddings of all types and religions can be celebrated in Spain. Formal Catholic Spanish wedding celebrations in a catholic Spanish church due require some special considerations though. We can help you with that if you are interested.

The Andalusian people love to share their gastronomy, culture, and alegría or “happiness” with every visitor. It is the reason that they have become a leading international tourist destination and almost 80% of their local and regional economy is based on both national and international visitors. Over 10 billion euros a year are generated on Andalusian beaches, hotels, resorts, historical sites, events, and wonderful Spanish restaurants.  This emphasis has provoke world-class resorts and hotels to be built and provides Blue Flag standards at many of its beaches.

The Blue Flag Campaign started in 1987 and is now is a voluntary eco-label awarded to over 4000 beaches and marinas in 48 countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Jordan, UAE and the Caribbean. See the Blue Flag beaches of the Costa del Sol – http://www.andalucia.com/beaches/blueflag/costa-del-sol.htm

The area is also renowned for its traditional flamenco music and dance. Plus, as their is a large expat community there are wonderful British signers and entertainment acts available to provide all sorts of live music or dj services. In short, marrying in Andalucia is a wonderful option for you if you are planning to tie your nuptial knot in an exotic location.

Reason #5 – Easy and low cost access

spanish wedding dress photo

Andalucia Wedding on Costa del Sol Beach by Por mi tripa…

We have touched on cost already and this reason is about cost as well, but it is more about convenience. Andalucia is only a couple of hours away from most of the north European countries. You can easily arrange a wedding party in Andalucía as your guests can arrive here in no time at all.  With the benefits and almost constant availability of low cost flights, Andalucia is east to get to any time of the year. RyanAir, EasyJet, AirLingus, British Airlines, and many others offer daily low cost flights to Málaga, Gibraltar, Seville, and Jerez de la Frontera airports.

Plus with the shear amount of departure destinations serving these Andalucían airports your guests, no matter where they are located in Europe, can arrive for basically the same price. This is a huge advantage as more and more couples have special friends and relationship that are living and working across Europe.

For friends and family that are even further away in places like Dubai, Australia, or Hong Kong flying to Spain can be just as easy as there are literally thousands of price options and route combinations as Spain is the 3rd most visited country in the world.

Reason #6 – Incredible wedding dresses and attire

Andalucia is home to world class bridal wear designers. It is the desire of every girl to look stunning and beautiful on the most important day of her life. Marrying in Andalucia allows a bride to wear some of the most stylish and elegant looking bridal dresses to look simply out of this world.

This reason is probably not the first thing that comes to mind for an Andalucían wedding, but we find more often than not that because of the other reasons that our brides and wedding parties have more of opportunity to lavish themselves with elegant attire. In fact many of our brides have taken the savings on the wedding ceremony versus what they were planning to spend in the UK and have pour all or some of those funds into their dream wedding dress.

When it comes to a girl’s wedding dress there are entire books and popular magazine dedicated to the possibilities and options. We try to help our brides see what they want the most and how best to achieve it.

There are many Andalucían wedding dress designers and cocktail party dress designers that produce incredible dresses that are sold around the world.  We can arrange showings, fittings, and personal meetings with several designers that could give your wedding that extra flair that you are looking for.

Here are some of our favorite Andalucían wedding designers…

Pilar Vera – Elegant and traditional Andalucían wedding dresses with modern styling.


Patricia Avendano – Modern and world renowned wedding dresses made from incredible fabrics and simple lines.


Sonia Pena – Fun and beautiful cocktail party and mother-of-the-bride dresses that capture the colour and energy of southern Spain.


We would love to sit down with you and have a look at all your clippings, ideas, and notes on your perfect wedding dress. Maybe you can have made right here in Andalucía.


Reason #7 – Unbelievable wedding venues

With so much rich and diverse history mixed with the natural beauty of beaches, mountains, and exotic tropical gardens Andalucia offers more wedding venues than probably any other location in the world.  There are beautiful beaches, grand hotels, imposing villas, luxury resorts, beautiful gardens, picturesque churches and even golf resorts where one can plan their marriage. It is an experience of a lifetime for not just the bride and the groom but also all the guests who are invited to attend the wedding.

We specialize in working with all our couples to find the perfect venue as quickly as possible. We do this by interviewing you and your groom thoroughly and quickly matching your desires with the immediate possibilities in our exclusive partner lists. There are so many factors that make a good wedding venue great and after 12 years of wedding ceremonies of all shapes and sizes we are experts in finding at least 3 possibilities for your needs.

To find the right wedding venue in Andalucia it is not so much as problem of cost or beauty as it is in facilities and distances based on the guest list, arrival times, entertainment program, and lodging requirements. These are the factors that our wedding planning service differentiates itself on and works with you to achieve the best results.

Here are just a of few of the wonderful wedding venues that we work with…


Reason #8 – Wonderful and very tasty Spanish cuisine

What article about Andalucia would ever be complete if we didn’t talk about food? Andalucia food, wine, olive oil, and seafood is famous throughout the world. Spanish cuisine, especially one that is served here in Andalucia is simply divine and really delicious to keep your guests happy and feeling food. With fresh seafood and the aroma of olive oil, you can rest assured that all the guests would simply love the food served in your marriage party. There are hundreds of tasty recipes to have delicious and sumptuous food served to your guests during the party.

We know that this is major reason why Andalucia Weddings have become more popular in recent times. Brides and grooms want to treat their guest to a perfect day and they know that the best way to celebrate each guest’s contribution to their lives is with wonderful meals.  Beyond anything else, the food you serve at wedding shows how much you have thought about your guests and care about them. You may not be able to spend time with each and every person or make sure that every person is comfortable as many guests meet each other for the first time in weddings, but if you feed them a king’s banquet they will soon know how much you love them.

Andalucia and the Costa Del Sol is perfect for this because of the quality of hoteliers and public and private cooking schools. Want-a-be-chefs come from around the world to study and work in Andalucían kitchens so that they care learn how the best ingredients and techniques create such wonderfully simple and delightful dishes.


As you can see there are so many reason why UK and Irish couples are choosing Andalucia to celebrate their weddings. We hope that you are inspired to learn more about having your wedding ceremony in Andalucia and give us the opportunity to help you make it the best event in your life.

If you want to learn more and talk about some specifics just drop us an email with your details and we will get in touch with you shortly.



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