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It’s all about being the best Wedding Planner you can hope for!

Wedding Service Spain is based near Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, Spain. We have 12 years experience in arranging weddings from Nerja to Tarifa and inland Andalucia. Our professional wedding planning team can meet all your requirements to make your day spectacular including all legal information for civil or church weddings in Spain and Gibraltar. We provide an exclusive service based on our knowledge and experience of Andalusia, offering you some truly wonderful locations for your wedding as well as practical advice on all aspects of your day.

Director of the Team

Louise Roper – Wedding Planner and Director

After completing a course in Hotel and Catering Management at University I decided to travel the world where I learnt to speak Spanish. I then spent several years working in the UK organizing large corporate events and weddings. My love of Spain and all things Spanish eventually brought me back to the Costa del Sol where I came to settle in 2003. After getting married in Marbella and raising my son, I eventually went back to the industry I know and love…Wedding Planning.

Louise Roper Professional Wedding Planner Wedding Service Spain

Why Use a Wedding Planner

It takes a lot of time and hard work to pull a wedding together perfectly especially in a foreign country. A wedding planner is experienced, they know the right people to talk to, how to get the best prices, how to ensure that every single detail is prepared for your wedding.

  • Budgeting: This is one of the hardest aspects of planning your wedding. A wedding planner knows how much things should cost, roughly what percentage of your budget will be spent in each area, whether, and when payments will need to be made in order to secure services or products.
  • Venues: This is probably the single biggest challenge for all weddings; what is the right wedding venue for all my requirements? A wedding planner knows how to ask you the right questions and has the experience of hundreds of events and venues to provide a short list of options.  This is a major time and money saver and one of our strongest services.
  • Suppliers: It’s daunting to know how many suppliers are out there, a wedding planner knows who to trust and who is right for you. They can recommend suppliers they have worked with before and know how to get the best prices, and the best results, from them.
  • Deadlines: A wedding planner will keep track of all your deadlines and remind you when things need to be done and decided upon. Nothing will ever be missed, and there’s no danger that something won’t turn up on the day because of poor preparation.
  • Time: Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, even more if you do everything yourself. Having a wedding planner is like having a personal assistant whose sole responsibility is to do all the running around for your wedding.
  • Design and style: A wedding planner can help you define the look, style, mood and emotions you want to create. They can visualise what will work in your venue and know how to bring your desired mood to life.
  • Details: A wedding planner does goes above and beyond all the tasks you would imagine they do, and also considers the finer details, such as mediate disputes with your family, tell you what flowers are in season on your wedding date, and much more that a venue co-ordinator or even you may think of.
  • Local Expertise: A wedding planner with experience in organising weddings in Spain and speaks the language, can take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to deal with the worry or stress associated with planning your wedding in a foreign country.
  • Discounted Rates: We charge no commissions to suppliers so you can save some money with the discounted rates we receive from our supplier contacts.
  • Dedicated to you: As weddings are often planned a year in advance, hotel wedding planners go on holidays, take days off or leave the job, and you don’t want to change your wedding planner the week before the wedding! A dedicated wedding planner will not go on holidays, take days off neither leave the job.  We will be there for you every step of the way.
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Dearest Louise, where do we start?!?!?! From the first time we started discussing our wedding ...we both knew that we had chosen the perfect wedding planner for us.

Your relaxed, fun and enthusiastic style meant that we never got too stressed about anything and your consistent reassurances meant that we knew everything was always under control....exactly the day we had dreamed of.

You literally blew us both away with what you achieved for us on the day.

Mr & Mrs Lawrence Arnold